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Cloud Computing

With the ushering in of faster internet and "big data" cloud computing is the future. We at LAN Professionals understand and know that very well. We know how cloud computing works and how to use it to benefit our customers.

Moving our customers to our Lanpro Cloud can save them money by changing from a capital expenditure to an operational expenditure. The cloud also provides constant up time to critical data, and offers a robust solution for a disaster recovery. It also offers users the ability to work remotely from any PC with an internet connection and yet still have the same desktop experience every time.


On-Prem Servers

LAN Professionals builds all of its own servers. That way we can customize the hardware to our clients particular needs and price point. We always encourage our clients to purchase the best hardware they can afford, as it is an investment for the future. We use Intel Motherboards and processors along with Kingston RAM. These are the number one producers of computer hardware in the market and it shows in how well our servers run.

You don’t have to know anything about servers to get the best. Simply tell us what your needs and goals are and we can ascertain what type of hard drive, RAM, motherboard, controllers and processors you will need to do business. We also carry all major brands of servers (HP, Dell, Etc)

Workstations and Laptops

LAN Professionals computers are no different than our servers. They are hand built to the specific needs of our client’s needs and goals. We put together every PC and therefore have the ability to customize things to what is needed as well as have total knowledge to where the hardware came from and how best to service it.

Trouble shooting problems and giving technical support to systems we build and maintain only cut down on the time we spend fixing problems. That time and money is passed on to the small business owner. We also are familair and work with all major brands (HP, Dell, Lenovo, Mac, Etc.).

Image by Andras Vas

Firewalls and Routers

LAN Professionals offers Cisco, Barracuda, NetGear, HP, Linksys, Unifi and D-Link firewalls, switches, routers and WiFi Access Points. We have a long relationship with using Cisco for Firewalls and feel they are an industry standard in security and network protection. Wireless networks are becoming the way of the future and therefore we offer industry leading Wifi Access Points with primarily using Unifi AP's.

As with our servers and computers, we provide the best product that fits within our clients' budget but also provides the best security for the network. We will never sell something that won't be fully utilized just to make us money. But we do strongly recommend getting the best firewalls and routers our clients can afford.

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